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How Your Potential Customers will Use Your Business Photos

Google Search results - by Business Type and Location

Google Search results, by business type and location - This is a very important place that you need to ensure people find your business. Previously, people used to use business telephone directories to find local businesses to supply services and products. That has all changed, and most people now search online, whether they are looking for bikes in Dereham, wedding venues in Norwich, dentists in Brundall, hairdressers in Wymondham or kitchen equipment in Holt. Whenever people search your business type and location you need to be showing to attract new customers.

In this example, we search in Google for "guitar shop Brighton" and you can see that the result for Badlands Guitars has an enhanced result. If you hover over the Badland Guitar result on a Google page, you will see that the listing expands and it includes a "see inside" to encourage the searchers to take a browse of your virtual tour and hopefully visit you, buy from you online or phone you.
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The screenshot below shows that businesses without Street View | Trusted are less inviting to potential customers. You are more likely to make that sale if you can show people your business and build trust and confidence.
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There are more ways that using Google Street View | Trusted will help your business

Stand out on Google Search Results for Business Name

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Customers search for your business by name, your enhanced google local+ listing will often be shown. As you can see from the screenshot below, circled in red is an image taken from the virtual tour and here the customers can click and take a tour of your business. In this example, an internet searcher is looking for a business called 'badlands guitars". Potential customers can view the shop and take a good look at the products, range carried and even prices. This street view of inside your business helps turn a searcher to a customer. Whether you are a music shop, florist, gym or a hairdressers you will soon benefit from your enhanced search listing. Infact, nearly all types of business can get increased credibility and sales from this great service from Google.

Google Maps by Business Name

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When someone searches for your business, by name, on Google Maps, they will see information about your business and having Google Street View | Trusted enhanced results will have a look inside view showing. In the example above, a searcher has typed in Badland Guitars into the search box on Google Maps and you can see, circled in red, the look inside view. This invites searchers to take a virtual tour of your business.

Social Media and Website Integration

Even if you don't have a website for your business, you can still use Google Street View | Trusted. All the virtual tours and photos that we do for you are hosted on Google servers, for which there is no ongoing additional costs. If you have a website, then it is very easy to add the virtual tour to your site and we are happy to talk you through the process (it really is cut and paste a few lines of code).
It is also very easy to add your virtual tour to your business Facebook page, Twitter and even your emails.

Google Local+ Page Enhanced

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Your Google+ Local Page is a great place to showcase your business. As well as showing potential customers a link to your virtual tour, it will show high quality point of interest photos which we will take at the same time as taking the photos used to create your virtual tour. These will highlight some of the key features of your business and help turn potential customers into actual customers.

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